Covid Safety Signage

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Help prevent the spread of Coronavirus with appropriate printed signage


In these unprecedented times, all businesses, retail stores and brands have been forced to adjust to a new norm as a result of the Corona pandemic. With so many unknowns, it is essential to do what we can to prepare, prevent and protect our businesses, staff, customers and the NHS.


One way to reinforce government health and safety regulations is to use signage that is informative, high quality and legible (even at distance). Delivering critical information regarding regulations using expertly designed signage that is clear and concise is quintessential. From social distancing measures to germ prevention to hand washing, consistent notices will further secure and cement in the public’s mind the importance of this government advice and aid in the prevention and spread of the Coronavirus.


There is a wide variety of printed media available, below are some of the ways businesses, brands and individuals can use signage to spread awareness and emphasize the importance of the new health and safety regulations implemented within the company.


Posters, booklets and flyers 

Brandpack provides colour rich and sharp graphic posters, booklets and flyers. Using supreme materials we ensure the highest quality results, printed media that will capture and keep the attention of the viewer. Perfect for delivering essential messages or providing important information.


Floor stickers/ Floor decals

Ensure customers stay safe using instructional stickers on the floor of your establishment or retail store. Marking the correct standing distance with our durable and long lasting, user-friendly stickers, helping the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Suitable for outdoor or indoor application, great for queuing instructions in or outside retail environments, these floor decals are hard wearing and weatherproof.


Vinyl Sticker Collection

Deliver COVID related messages using our vinyl stickers, perfect for shop front windows or offices, facilities and buildings. Easy to adhere and remove, specifically designed to leave no residue.


Bumper stickers or car stickers

Encourage the public through inspiring bumper stickers; show your customers you care with thoughtful stickers that uplift them during these tough times. Bumper stickers are a great way to raise awareness and communicate important messages.


In short, professionally designed, high quality printed media can help deliver important messages and encourage customers and staff to feel more at ease in your store or office environment. Increased awareness and reinforcing notices will remind the public of social distancing and health and safety regulations. Brandpack’s printing capabilities can meet any specifications and our in-house design team is happy to help with any bespoke requests. We pride ourselves on delivering first-rate service and are here to help you to promote health and safety protocols that meet the Coronavirus government regulations.  

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