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Monday, July 27, 2020

An essential guide to product packaging

Tiffany & Co first appeared in 1878, they are now widely known for their minimalist blue printed boxes. Internationally recognised for their elegant and sophisticated style, their packaging represents their luxury brand. It is known as one of the most recognizable retail containers in the history of packaging. One could say that the packaging has become more recognizable than the jewelry itself. 

In this article we discuss the importance of product packaging, how it can elevate business and how to create packaging that will differentiate your brand. We also discuss a variety of printed packaging solutions to meet your product packaging needs. 

Firstly, let’s explore how printed packaging elevates business. Think about Apple. Their product packaging is simple, clean and minimalist. Opening a new apple product is an experience in itself. Start-ups especially benefit from placing emphasis on the customers “unboxing” experience. Branded product packaging increases brand visibility, reinforces brand recognition and provides companies with the opportunity to stand out from competitors. 

Some other things to consider are: ensure that your packaging reflects the values of your brand. Is the packaging easy to carry and/or transportable? Are you going to use recycled materials? Perhaps you’d like to add a printed message on the inside of your products package. Whatever your needs it’s important to understand the many options that are available when creating your products package. Think about the texture, the size, the shape, the graphics and colours. Are your goods perishable? If they are, finding a packaging solution that will maintain its shelf life will be important. 

Here are some points that could help you create packaging that will differentiate your brand: 

Knowing your demographic. Should the product packaging appeal to a masculine or feminine audience? Is it a luxury product appealing to high end clients? If so, consider choosing materials, shapes, colours and sizes that will appeal to your target market. 

Typography. If you are looking to give the impression of sophistication and elegance but need cheap printed packaging solutions. The best place to start is by finding the right stylish typography to fit your brand’s vision. 

Create an unboxing experience. If your product is a phone or new technology, ensure your packaging reflects that- keep it sleek and minimalist, this will give your customer the impression of a user-friendly product. 

Go eco-friendly. Differentiate yourself from your competitors, showing clients and potential clients your commitment to creating a positive environmental and social impact. 

Brandpack is committed to finding your printed product packaging solution. Creating printed packaging that’s cost-effective and finding creative ways to help you stand out in a competitive market. Below are a few packaging solutions to consider for your products.

Printed Paper Stickers: Cost- effective and great for brand promotion

Packaging Tape: Custom designed, a perfect finishing touch

Printed Boxes: High Quality printed boxes, a quintessential marketing tool

Clear Labels: Unique and Versatile, clear labels are suitable in a variety of industries

The most important thing to remember when choosing your products packaging is what your brand stands for. Create a lasting impression with high quality printed product packaging.

Should you have any questions or if you would like a quote, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to assist. 

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