Paper Labels

Paper labels are a cost-efficient solution to your labelling needs.

Product code: SL-L-PL




Our superior quality materials and toners are budget friendly, perfect for indoor uses in commercial, domestic and office environments. 

Paper labels are the cheaper alternative to vinyl stickers or labels. They are primarily suitable for dry/ indoor environments, generally offer a shorter lifespan and can sustain a limited amount of exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures and moisture. However, they’re available in a wider colour range and textures and provide a handcrafted appearance. Should you require a label that is more weather proof, take a look at our bottle labels or vinyl stickers. 

Brandpack provides paper labels to both smaller businesses as well as individuals. Paper labels have a diverse range of uses, some include: homemade birthday card labels, branding and packaging labels, hen party pack labels, cosmetic tub and container labels, labeling for homemade jam jars, sauces and chutneys, shoe size labeling or maybe for decorative purposes- to brighten up toy boxes et cetera. 

Brandpack’s paper labels are an effective marketing tool, raising brand awareness and communicating your company’s message with premium caliber paper labels and colour consistent printing. 

Brandpack’s quick and easy applicable paper labels are skillfully designed to meet individual and business requirements. Should you have any specifications or questions regarding paper labels our team is happy to help. 

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