Polypropylene Labels

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage, polypropylene labels are popular with clients looking for long lasting labels.

Product code: SL-L-PPL




Polypropylene is a non-toxic and odourless material that can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions. 

Skillfully designed these labels are waterproof, fade resistant and UV stable ensuring outdoor exposure will not result in discolouration, tears and label damage. 

Brandpack’s Polypropylene labels are the counterpart to vinyl labels. Polypropylene offers all the strength of vinyl materials but has less of an effect on the environment and is recyclable. They are used as an alternative to paper labels as they are more durable, waterproof and suitable for outdoor usage. 

They are often used on test tubes as they require storage in harsher temperatures and conditions, where paper would likely fade and damage, polypropylene is specifically designed to withstand such requisites. Other ideal applications would be on furniture, warning labels, instruction labels and warranty labels. They can also be used as shipping labels as they can withstand outdoor exposure. 

Polypropylene labels are versatile and durable. They are utilised across numerous industries, some uses include: retail packaging labeling, promotional and event labels, food packaging labels, hair care product labels, pharmaceutical product labels, cleaning product labels, personal care product labels, computer and technological labels. 

Our in-house design team can tailor your labels to any configurations. Should you require assistance on your design or the best label choice for your individual purposes we are happy to help. 

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