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Brandpack’s high quality printed boxes are a quintessential marketing tool used to raise brand awareness and visibility.

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Retail, merchandise or presentation boxes are ideal for counter displays, cosmetics, packaging, gifts, perfumes and more. 

Stand out on the shelves with Brandpack’s high quality but cost-efficient printed boxes. Whether you are in the hospitality industry, commercial industries, restaurant and food industries or tech industry, quality printed boxes will raise brand awareness and improve your product’s reputation. It’s the first impression that clients and potential customers see so ensuring that your products are well packaged is essential. 

Our printed boxes are used in two ways: 

1) Mailer boxes: brand your boxes with each delivery. Creating an added element of professionalism and elegance to your product, impressing your customer and ensuring your product stands out. 

2) Product boxes: displaying and storing candles, cosmetics and a variety of in-store merchandise or retail packaging, Brandpack’s bespoke boxes are user-friendly and easy to build. 

Creative visual media and advertising nowadays, with social media, has grown in significance in small, medium and large companies. Incorporate your logo and brands message onto products packaging to further secure the success of your business. Printed boxes not only provide customer satisfaction but they are also used as a marketing tool to showcase brands individual style and message. Bespoke printed boxes give brands the opportunity to attract a larger audience, as everyone who sees the packaging will be attracted by the presentation. 

Select a colour that is suitable for your brand, apply your logo and have Brandpack’s boxes delivered and ready to use. We offer a selection of standard sizes but we can also customise your order to any configuration upon request. Should you require assistance, our in-house design team is happy to help you create your high-end printed boxes. 

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